Wednesday, October 12, 2005

London, England - DAY TWO

Today our goal was to see most of the Beatles sights, Parliament and Big Ben, Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace.
We woke up, had a cappuccino, grabbed a cheap lunch (The hostel provided us with a deal.... sandwich, drink, chips and a fruit for €3.50... awesome) and hopped on the subway to get to Baker Street where the Beatles shop is. We got there easily and found ourselves surrounded by some amazing stuff. There were t-shirts, ashtrays, postcards, movies, autographed memorabilia. It was really incredible. Could have bought up the whole place if we had the means.... but, of course we don't so we just had a look and Luke had a drool. From there we headed to Abbey Road to see the studio as well as to get a photo of Luke crossing the street as on the Beatles' album cover. It was fun. There were a few other tourists... all different ages doing the same thing. We all had a little laugh about it. From there we headed to Parliament where we saw the fabulous Big Ben as well as Westminster Abbey. Both were lovely. The architecture of the Parliament building was amazing. Incredible. Afterwards we walked to Buckingham Palace to have a look... how lovely. We had a look at the guards, however we had missed the 11am changing of the guards so we only stayed for about half an hour to have a look. Once finished we went to Saville Row to see the building the Beatles played on top of, and then we took the metro back to our area where we saw Tower Bridge and did some walking around. We then went to the local bar near our place for a Guiness, which was very good, and then hit the sack. Long day of trekking around.


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