Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lagos, Portugal - DAY NINE

Today we took it easy as we were leaving for Lisbon the next day. We startd with a great yummy breakfast and a bit of a read (The usual morning routine) and then decided to wander down to the pier and the marina to sit in the sun and read.... a change of scenery from the backyard. On the way down the marina we noticed a guy in a wet suit swimming around. Curious, we sat on the little wall and watched. He was actually spear fishing for crab and fish. It was amazing to watch. He came up every couple of minutes with dinner-worthy catch. He stayed in the water to do this while his partner stayed up on land. Everytime he caught a fish he threw it up to his partner. It was fun to watch. From there we walked the length of pier and sat down to soak in the rays. Very relaxing. There were big waves and they continuously crashed up over the huge rocks and up onto the pier. Lovely.
Late afternoon we headed to the grocery store to treat ourselves to a big, thick, juicy steak as this will be the last good meal we'll have in a while I imagine. We brought it back and had it with pork, veggies and potatoes stuffed with cheese, butter and onions... YUM! We ate early (6:30pm rather than the usual 9:00pm), packed our stuff up and then headed out to a bar to watch the soccer game at 7:30pm. After the game we hit up this place referred to as the Canadian bar where we had a couple of 2 for 1 cocktails. At around 11:30pm we headed back to the apt where we chatted and then hit the sack. Up early to check out and catch the bus to Lisbon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Nice to hear that you are still having an amazing time and as always you are taking gorgeous pictures. Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop.
Love Emily

12:44 PM  

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