Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lagos, Portugal - DAY SEVEN

We woke up to the alarm and I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for the water park. I woke Luke up and unfortunately he had a headache and didn't feel up to going and went back to sleep. I stayed up so that I could tell Tom and Sarah that we wouldn't be joining them after all. They said that was fine and didn't end up going either.
Since Luke was sleeping I decided to take a walk around and hit the supermarket for some stuff we needed as well as pick up a pastry that Luke is in love with and a croissant for myself. I came back and made myself some coffee and enjoyed my croissant with some delicious cherry jam. YUM.
Evenutally Luke rolled out of bed at about noon to join the living. He joined me at the table for a coffee and then I gave him his treat. He was a happy camper. We relaxed for the day reading and having a look for gifts around town. There are tons of little boutiques and souvenier shops. As we were walking back to the apt. we came across this guy that was painting tiles with his hands. Amazing. Luke and I watched for about half an hour and then decided to have him make 2 for us (I thought this would make a great gift for my Dad, and Luke and I wanted one for ourselves). This guy is great! We told him to just paint whatever he wanted and he did... wonderful. Hope Dad likes it!
After that we headed back to the apt and made dinner and had a chat with Tom and Sarah. We hit the sack early.


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