Sunday, October 09, 2005

London, England - DAY ONE

We were up bright and early (Well, that's a damn lie... the sun's not up until a little after 8am these days....) and hopped on the bus at 8am - headed for London. New country, new continent!
We drove through France for about 1 1/2 hours and then jumped on the ferry for 1 1/2 and then drove through England for the same. The ferry was insane. I had never seen anything like it... more like a bloody cruise ship. There were bars and restaurants and an arcade, etc, etc, etc... Arrived in London at about 4pm. We checked into the hostel and dropped our stuff off and then hit the road!
As usual we wandered around a bit and made our way to St. Paul's Cathedral. Once we got there we were not able to enter because there was a mass for the Butcher's. I know this because when I asked a woman why there were so many men with medallions around their necks she was kind enough to give me the history of all of the old traditional groups there are in England i.e. the butchers, goldsmiths, fishmongers, etc. Pretty darn interesting. There is much more to it but it took her about 15 minutes to explain it all to me so I am not even going to try to explain it all to you...
From the Cathedral we walked a few streets down where we had traditional fish and chips and a cold beer. Afterwards we headed back to the hostel and took it easy, reading and went to bed early.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where have you been? I have been waiting anxiously for more and it took nine days!!!!! Anyway glad to hear you guys are doing well. Miss you, Love you

5:54 PM  
Blogger Aly said...

Love your blog, beautiful pictures. Hope you're having fun in Europe!

11:54 PM  

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