Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lagos, Portugal - DAY EIGHT

Dolphin watching day!
Luke and I got up early and headed to the marina to sign up for the dolphin watching excursion offered here in Lagos. We arrived at 10:30am to sign in and at 11:00am we were off! We all hopped on this boat with 12 seats that you straddle like a horse and with stirrups so that you don't get flung off when the boat hits a wave. Off we went.... and Jesus the boat went fast! On our way out to the ocean we were told that we should all keep a lookout for the dolphins as, of course, the more people that are looking, the more likely that we'll spot them. And who spotted the first pod? ME! That's right! ME! I saw them from quite far away and pointed in that direction as I had been instructed to do. The boat changed course and charged over and as we slowed down we could see them.... Beautiful. So lovely and graceful. They jumped and danced for us. They played with the boat. It brought tears to my eyes (Though I hid that fact from everyone else). Once we had a look we zoomed off to another spot about 8 miles from the coast and when we arrived there were at least a dozen beauties playing around. They swam under the boat, around the boat, in front of the boat.... It was beautiful. Definitely one of the top ten things I've experienced. They were so close to the boat that I leaned over the edge I felt like I could touch them (Though of course I didn't as they are wild animals and not meant to be handled). It was positively wonderful.
Once we got back on land Luke and I headed back to the apt for something to eat (We skipped brekkie) and then we relaxed by the pool with a book. At dinner time we cooked with Tom and Sarah and spent the balance of the evening chatting with them over drinks in the backyard.


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