Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bordeaux, France - DAY TWO

Today we woke up feeling really good and decided to walk down to one of the squares for breakfast. We both had a croissant and a cappuccino while watching the kids play and the French people do their Sunday morning French hang-out at fancy cafe's in squares with fountains thing. We then decided to have a look at the church as well as the Virgin Records Megastore (Luke's been dying to hear Clapton's new album but none of the CD stores here have listening stations so we popped in hoping they would... and they did... but no Clapton up for listening...). We then did the usual wander around and take in the sights stuff. Basically a relaxing stroll around the city centre.
Later in the afternoon we headed to a market and bought ourselves some brie, baguette, cucumber, mushroom and tomato... and a bottle of wine, of course. We took it all home and make sandwiches and cuddled up to relax, read and watch the only English channel on the T.V.
In the evening we headed out to a pub we had seen earlier in the day that claimed to have 60 beers from around the world. We had a seat outside where we were away from the smoke-filled room (We sure do love to smoke but it's not very nice being crammed into a little bar with 30 cigarettes going) and tested them by ordering a Zwiezc and THEY HAD IT. Luke and I enjoyed our Polish beer on the patio until we realized we were freezing our butts off and moved inside.
Once inside we met a few English speaking kids our age - all of them working at a winery. One guy was from Bordeaux, one was from London and the third was from Munich. Luke and the German spoke about the past and present feelings and if you have a look at the photo with Luke and the blond guy with the beer, this is the German kid drinking a Polish beer. They thought it would be funny to have a photo.... Luke and I had a few more drinks with them (We got into the Belgium beer which is 10.5% so after a few we were a little tipsy to say the least) and then headed out to find ourselves something to eat for dinner. After dinner we walked around and ran into a group of street kids that had these lovely dogs with them. Luke and I gave them a few Euros and they spoke to us in English so we ended up sitting with them for about an hour chatting and playing with the pooches. Luke and I were freezing by this point so we decided to go somewhere warm for a beer. As we were about to leave I thought that it might be nice to take the group of them with us, and Luke was thinking the same, so we did. We took them to a nice pub (The older gentleman you see in the photos was quite hesitant about going inside as he was afraid he didn't look good enough to be there but we convinced him otherwise). When we came in the bartender didn't look too sure but I explained that we were with them and that the 3 dogs, 1 rat and 1 bunny were not going to be a problem. The bartender then let our motley crew in and we all enjoyed a drink together. Before leaving the pub the older gentleman took this little leather bag from his pocket and gave it to me as a gift. He had the girl explain to me that he wanted me to have it and then he gave me a big hug. It was truly lovely. And the girl that you see in the photos gave Luke and I each a small pretty stone from her pocket. We still have them with us.
Once we were warm and happy we all left, picked up a bottle of wine from an off-licence, sat on the curb and capped the night off with some wine and some laughs. One of the best nights we have had.... and probably the nicest French people we've met!!


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