Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lagos, Portugal - DAY SIX

Today we took it easy... again. We did do some poking around the town but again pretty much just stayed around the apt and read. We're both really enjoying the books we're reading so we're happy to just sit around and get into them.
We had dinner at home (We haven't eaten out since we've been here) and then headed out to the bar to meet up with Tom and Sarah. We arrived a little early so we played a game of pool to entertain ourselves. Tom and Sarah arrived about half an hour later and the four of us played doubles which was pathetic cause none of us are very good. After the pool we had a seat an chatted and then Karaoke began. We all watched for a few hours and then Tom and Sarah decided to go home and go to bed. We had all agreed that we would get up early and head out to this water park about an hour out of town. We thought it would be fun to spend the day like kids on the slides.
Luke and I weren't ready to go home just yet so he and I checked out a blues bar we had noticed a few nights before but when we poked our heads in Luke wasn't all that impressed by the band so we opted not to pay the 5 Euro cover charge and instead headed back to the apt and our bed.


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