Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lagos, Portugal - DAY FOUR

Beach day! Again we had a fabulous breakfast and some coffee and a little read and then decided to hit the beach. We walked to the grottos and found a quiet little beach with only about a dozen people and we plunked ourselves down in the sun. Luke went in the water (While I watched and froze my ass off for him) and I lay there soaking in the rays and working on my golden tan (Luke and I are brown, brown, brown and loving it!). Because the beach is surrounded by the cliffs the sun started to move behind one and before we knew it we were in the shade and the tide was getting high enough that we had to move. We walked through a tunnel through the cliff to the second beach where there was more room and lots of sun and continued to read and sun ourselves. By this point I was sweating like a pig (The sun here doesn't burn like it does at home but it is HOT HOT HOT) so I decided to brave the cold water and take a dip. Luke went directly in, no hesitation and I chickened out and only went in a little past my knees. I wasn't THAT HOT! The little dip cooled me down but that only lasted about half an hour. Eventually I got the guts and Luke and I went in together.... and BOY WAS IT FREEZING! Once you get in to about your thighs you have no choice but to immerse yourself as the tide is so strong and the water gets so high it just covers you and drags you out there. It was GREAT once I got used to it so Luke and I had a swim and a play and then headed back to the beach to warm up. After a few hours we decided it was time to pack it up and head back to the apt.
We hung out by the pool in the backyard and read and had a drink and then we lay down and watched T.V. for a little while before preparing dinner. We had another great meal and then headed out for a drink at the free internet place before heading back home to go to bed.


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