Monday, September 19, 2005

Seville, Spain - DAY THREE

Today we woke up at about 10:00am and immediately headed out to buy an outfit for each of us to wear while all of our clothes were being washed. Once we did that we headed back to the hostel, packed our knapsacks into large plastic bags the clerk at H & M gave us, put together all of the non-clothing items, took a shower and put our clean clothes on. We each had these HUGE bags of clothes to carry but we headed off on foot to find the two laundrymats the receptionist at the hostel told us to go to... and of course they couldn't have it done for us today, which won't work for us cause we have to head to Lagos tomorrow... UNBELIEVABLE! We dragged these bags across town for 1 1/2 and then back to the hostel FOR NOTHING... and everything we own is STILL INFESTED to boot. (Well, Luke doesn't have any bites or any signs of bed bugs but we still want to wash all of his stuff just in case he's a carrier - some people don't get bit they just infect all of the beds they sleep in!). Luke and I argued the whole time we did this... it was Luke saying "Who cares about everyone else... who cares if they get bed bugs... fuck 'em" and me yelling back... "I care, asshole.. someone did that and I have bed bugs now... I'm not doing it to someone else... and I don't want to keep getting bit and carrying these bugs around for another two months..." It was unbelievable. I swear he doesn't take it seriously simply because he's not in my position.. well, I'm hoping that he'll get them too and then I´ll say the same shit to him!
After we brought our stuff back to the hostel we were starving so we went back to that Irish Pub where we had the great lunch the day before and who did we run into... Miles and Jo. It's like we're all attached at the hip at this point or something.... Well, we joined them for lunch and then we split off from them to go back to the hostel and switch rooms... there was no way I was going to sleep in my bug-infested bed again now that I was clean and bug-free.... We moved our stuff into a 5 bed room and we have these great, clean, fresh beds to sleep in. Wonderful. Luke and I took a nap (Siesta) and then got up and went for a drink. Now it's 8:30pm and we're here at the internet place updating and emailing. From here we'll go the old man tapas bar for cheap drinks and snacks and then we'll head out for dinner. We leave for Lagos and the beautiful beach tomorrow... can't wait. Lagos is nicknamed The Black Hole of Europe because people stop there for 2 days but end up staying for 2 weeks or 2 months. We're prepared to be part of this group. We're looking forward to sitting on our asses, sleeping in and not feeling guilty about it and enjoying the cheap food and booze (Though the accommodation is crazy-expensive).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I just spent 20 mins catching up and ewwwww Jessie has bugs.
Just kidding you are lovely and glad to hear everything else is going well.
Love Emily

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so absorbed in catching up with everything that I didn't realize what time it was and forgot all about emailing one of my profs my comments on the assigned readings!! Oops, my first quasi-assignment for grad school and I was 7 minutes late emailing it to her. hee hee. not my fault your blog is more interesting...

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Everything looks so amazing there!! I am glad you are having a wonderful time. Except for the bugs of course! Take care, Love ya

8:32 AM  

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