Monday, September 12, 2005

Nice, France - DAY TWO

In the morning we wandered around Nice and got familiar with our surroundings. First, we walked along the beach... the first time we had seen it in daylight. Beautiful. Fairly touristy but not too bad. From there we walked to the old town and had a look at the boutiques and restaurants and people. The old town is lovely. Lots to see and do there. Many tiny streets filled with great trinkets and clothes and souveniers.
In the afternoon we headed out to Antibes where there is a harbour that the billionnaires park their yachts. We took the train (It was only about a 15 minute ride) and hopped off at about 5:00pm. We immediately walked to the harbour and took in the views. Can't believe people live like that! They were eating dinner on their boats, being served by their staff.... pretty unbelievable if you ask me, though I suppose if I paid that much money for a boat I'd get as much use out of it as I could too! After the harbour we took a walk around the town, took in the views from the seaside walkway and then enjoyed dinner in the old centre of the town. At about 9:00pm we hopped back on the train to meet up with the gang for our night out.
When we got back to the room they had all started drinking, thinking we may not be showing up. We joined in because drinking at the hotel room is a hell of a lot cheaper than doing all of the drinking at the bar. Once ,ost of us were on our way to drunk we all headed out to find ourselves a bar. Luke thought he knew his way to one we had been told to go to so we all followed him. On the way we stopped at another bar to have a drink. There was a good cover band there that played familiar songs so while Luke and the other guy from our room and a few of the girls sat outside to enjoy their drinks, I went inside with the two American girls to have a drink and dance it up. Inside we had the misfortune to run into a VERY DRUNK girl who proceeded to grope all of us and attempt to dance with us without falling down. She especially liked Tia so at least us two got to have a laugh while she struggled. Very funny.
From that bar we walked to another where we tricked the bouncer into letting us all in by going in in pairs rather than a group (They were pretty full apparently and only letting a few people in, no groups). There we all had a drink (I had this great drink which was beer with peach juice in it). Eventually we had to leave cause the bar was closing. From there we all headed to the beach to finish our drinks (Tia had wanted a couple of the Stella glasses so we all left with them). We played in the tide a little and sat down for a few minutes and then the few of us that were quite drunk decided to go to another bar (Some close early? others later - not like home). We DID find another bar but decided we didn't want to go inside - it was hot and we couldn't find the bathroom. Luke, the smart, fairly sober man that he was last night decided to convince us all to go to McDonald's (He and one of the girls hadn't had all that much to drink and really wanted to go home but didn't want to leave us alone so instead they mentioned McDonald's which we all know is great after a night of drinking) but when we got there it was closed (Which Luke knew it would be) so we all went back to the hostel. Tricky little bugger, isn't he?


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