Monday, September 19, 2005

Seville, Spain - DAY ONE

We arrived in Seville earlier than expected (About 5:00pm) and the drive in was AMAZING! Originally we were just stopping here for one night on the way to Lagos, Portugal but I loved it so much I decided to try to convince Luke that he wanted to stay too. (He was iffy cause it meant we had to cancel all of the buses we'd booked ourselves on until the end of October as well as all of the hostels... messy and time consuming and he knew that he'd be the one that would do it).
Luke immediately hit the bed and took a nap but there was no way I was going to do that. The weather was gorgeous, the city is beautiful and I could hear my book and a yummy sangria or two calling my name. I left the hostel and found myself a nice outdoor cafe/restaurant where I did just that... read and enjoyed a couple of sangria's.
The guide had told us that she would take us all out (There were only 11 people on the bus) to dinner and a Flamenco bar. We were to meet at 8:30pm so I went back to the hostel at 8:00pm and dragged Luke out of bed (Which was REALLY damn hard!) so that we would be able to see some things just in case he didn't want to stay another 2 nights.
Luke and I met the guide in the lobby and I had these red, enflamed strange bumps on my forearm so I decided I'd better ask the guide what she thought they were. Well, I should have listened to my Mother when I was a child "Good night, Sleep Tight, Don't let the bed bugs bite." I've actually got bed bugs. (See photo). Turns out I got them at the hostel in Madrid. Now THAT was NOT what I wanted to hear.... BUT the guide assured me that it's not a dirty hostel or anything like that, it's just as simple as sleeping in a bed after someone else with the bugs. If the hostel doesn't know that the person has bed bugs then they simply wash the sheets as per usual. To get rid of bed bugs the sheets have to be washed in scalding water and the room actually has to be fumigated. Unbelievable! Well, it was too late for me to wash my stuff so we all just got on with the night and everyone was really great about it.... The only one that teased me was Luke!
We all left at about 8:30pm (There were about 10 of us, including Miles and Jo) and headed to this restaurant that she said served 1/2 kilo of calamari for really cheap. We all ordered one plate for each couple of people to share and gorged.... the plate was MASSIVE! We could barely finish the whole things. That's a shit load of calamari but damn was it good. During the meal we all had at least 2 drinks... mainly sangrias and something called a tinto de veranna (Lighter than sangria - it's wine and Fanta). When we got our bill (They put it all together) it was €40.80! Unreal! At least 25 drinks and 5 orders of calamari for €40. We were all quite impressed... It turned out much easier on the pocket book than the restaurant in Madrid! After dinner we were taken to this beer-hall style bar down some tiny little street about a 20 minute walk away from the hostel where they serve drinks and put on a free Flamenco show. It was truly fantastic. The dancer was this great, strong Spanish woman with real attitude and spunk. She was beautiful to watch. As she danced there was a guitar player and a small guy with this wonderful singing voice. Luke and I were really impressed with the whole thing. We all packed it up at about 1:00am and I Luke had decided by this point that he wanted to stay! I was thrilled. After Barcelona and Madrid we were finally in a Spanish city that actually FELT Spanish.
PS - The couple photographed is Miles and Jo.


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