Monday, September 12, 2005

Nice, France - DAY THREE

This morning I wasn't feeling my best at all, but Luke and I headed to the beach in the morning to catch some sun. After about an hour we decided to head to the old part of town for lunch and a wander. We stopped at a nice restaurant on the main market street and shared a pot of mussels - YUM! After the mussels and a coke I felt a million times better. I bought myself a pair of these black pants that I've seen many girls wearing (I'd been dying to find them, they looked so comfortable.... and they are!). After that we continued to wander, determined to find Luke an undershirt as some days are just too hot to have a t-shirt on. Couldn't find one anywhere. There aren't many men's stores around here.
Later in the afternoon we headed to our local restaurant where we had dinner the first night. We had mussels AGAIN. We are now addicted. And the great thing is that it's pretty cheap. 1KG of mussels with fries for €9.90. Can't get much for that price around here.... Well, we enjoyed the mussels immensely. While dining we watched a soccer game they were playing on the big screen - Nice VS St. Etienne. Nice lost... While we were watching an older British couple started to speak to us. We ended up chatting with them for an hour and a half or so. Very funny couple. After a few drinks they told us that they have been coming to Nice for the last 8 years and they come to this restaurant every time they are here. They were hilarious. At one point the gentleman proceeded to tell us the story of the first time he and his then-girlfriend made love. Funny story actually.... they were camping and didn't realize they had set the tent up on a tree stump. He said that it didn't bother him but that his wife's back has never been the same! Imagine hearing this from a 65 year old stranger at the dinner table! Priceless. Shortly before they departed they bought us a glass of champagne and toasted our honeymoon. Lovely.


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