Monday, September 12, 2005

Nice, France - DAY ONE

We hopped on the bus in Cinque Terre at 12:00 noon and made our way to Nice. It was quite sad to be leaving Italy but we were excited to see the French Riviera (GOD.... I wasn't sure I'd ever actually see most of these places... at least not this soon!).
We arrived in Nice at about 6:30pm. We were dropped off at the Busabout hostel so we made our way to our hostel IN THE RAIN..... welcome back to France!
We finally found the place (With some help from a lovely old French woman who, instead of just pointing us in the right direction, walked us partway there) and we dropped our bags and got to know our roommates (All lovely people). Luke and I were hungry so we wandered around until we found somewhere that we could have something other than pizza or pasta. We found a place where we ordered a beer and a burger (The burger came without a bun which we were not happy about until we ate all of our fries and realized we really didn't need the bun).
After dinner we went back to the hostel and our room and had a drink with our roommates. After a drink Luke and I headed outside for a smoke and ended up walking down to the beach (Which, I might add is only about one block away!). It was quite dark (It was about 10:00pm) so we didn't go far in, just rolled up our pant legs and played around in the surf. The tide was CRAZY high so we got soaked but damn was it ever fun! The beaches here in Nice are pebble beaches and the sound of the waves lapping on the beach was even more beautiful here because of the sound it makes when it slides off of the rocks back into the ocean. After a little more playing around we headed back up from the beach where I asked some local guys for a lighter. They ended up befriending us and offering us a beer so we joined them for about an hour. It was very amusing because they didn't speak much English and we don't speak all that much French, but it was fun AND funny. By the time we got back to the room everyone else was asleep so we decided to hit the sack as well. Figured an early night was a good idea because we made plans to go out with our roommates the next night.


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