Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lagos, Portugal - DAY TWO

Ahhh..... today we slept in until about 10am.... wonderful.... like a VACATION! I didn't sleep well, again, due to my cough but at least I could sleep in.... it kinda makes up for the missed hours during the night. We made breakfast... Fried egg sandwich with HP and sausages.... YUM, YUM, YUM.... a REAL breakfast. It's been so long.... Anyway, enough about the food.... not all that interesting to all of you, sorry.
So..... we had breakfast and read magazines for a bit while we waited for noon to roll around when we left to pick up the balance of our laundry. Everything was clean! We haven't had a bag full of clean clothes, well, ever. It was such a small thing but we were both thrilled. Once we got back we had a sit down by the pool where we met another neighbor, an Austrian girl named Magda. She's here for a week of surf lessons... pretty cool. We chatted with her for a while and then invited her to come out with us for a drink later. I told her we would be at the Shaker Bar (Free internet if you buy a drink - what a bonus when you have a budget like ours!) at around 9:30pm. Luke and I then made lunch, had a sangria and at around 3pm we headed out to have a look around. We walked down to the harbour, which is lovely... there are little crabs climbing all over the rocks and lots of sardines swimming about... kinda neat, and then kept going until we found the grottos we had heard so much about. We found stairs that bring you down to the beaches but the water was pretty high at this in the day point so if you went all the way down you would end up in the ocean. We could see from there that you can walk along the top of the cliffs but we didn't want to start that at that point.... we decided to walk the whole thing the following day when it wasn't so late in the afternoon.
We then headed back to the apt. to make dinner.... prawns with lemon and onions, potatoes and pork chops on the BBQ. Double yum! After dinner we headed out to the bar to meet Magda and check our email. When we got there it was packed as there was a football game on so Luke sat at the computer and Magda and I headed somewhere else to have a drink where it was quieter. We agreed to check back in with Luke after about half an hour. She and I had a good chat and a cold drink then headed back to pick up Luke. We all agreed that the bar was just too busy and loud for us so the three of us found a nice, cosy place where we had another drink. Magda left at about 11:30pm as she gets up early in the morning for her lessons and Luke and I finished our drinks shortly after and headed out to find another bar. We ended up bar-hopping until about 2:30am when we ran into a bunch of the Busabout kids at this all-hours club. We hung out for about half an hour but we then decided to go home as we were pretty drunk and didn't want to sleep the following day away.


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