Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lagos, Portugal - DAY THREE

We got up and had another yummy breakfast and sat around in the backyard for a while reading our books and drinking coffee.
Early afternoon we decided to go out and walk the cliffs of the grottos that we had seen yesterday. We put our suits on under our clothes and left.
The walk was great - good exercise and GREAT views (As you can see from the photos). It was VERY hot which made it a little difficult but it was definitely worth it! We walked for about an hour and a half and then eventually turned around and came back... figured we'd hit one of the beaches on the way. We climbed down a ton of stairs and walked out onto a beautiful beach. I took my flip flops off and put my feet in the water and ...... YIKES! The water was bloody freezing! There was NO WAY I was going all the way in! What a change from France and Italy... shouldn't have been at all surprising as we are now at the Atlantic Ocean. Luke, the tough guy that he is stripped down to his swim shorts and went in! BRAVE! He looked like he was freezing his ass off and that just confirmed that the water was definitely too cold for me. After he took a quick dip we headed to the supermarket to pick up dinner as we had invited Miles and Jo and Magda to join us for a BBQ. Luke and I picked up 1KG of prawns, 5 potatoes and some veggies to cook and we picked up some wine and beer for good measure. On the way back to the apt we ran into Jo who was also on her way back from the store. She decided to head up to our apt with us as Miles had gone ahead to ring the bell... we had agreed to meet outside of their place but they couldn't remember that... they weren't sure if it was there or at our place so we headed that way hoping to run into Miles, which we did. Jo sent him to the butcher to get some sausages and hamburgers and we went ahead to the apt to get settled. We dumped everything, prepped some drinks (Tinto de Verana - the wine and fanta drinks we consumed the whole time we were all in Seville) and Jo made some nachos (Very Portuguese, I know). Miles arrived a few minutes after us and at that point we started prepping the food.... a FEAST! We had prawns cooked with lemons, garlic and onions, potatoes chopped up with s&p and butter, fresh pork sausages and zucchini, onions, peppers and mushrooms with herb dressing. INCREDIBLE! We had a great time chatting as we cooked and drank and finally Magda arrived and joined in the fun. Such great company. We're lucky to have met Miles and Jo. As we feasted we complimented eachother on the lovely job we all did cooking (Who needs to go out for dinner when you can eat like that at home!?). After dinner the drinks and conversation continued to flow until a little after midnight when we all decided it was time to retire to our rooms. Luke and I said goodnight to Miles and Jo and finished our drinks alone in the backyard. A short while later we got into bed to watch T.V. and fall asleep. All in all it was a great day.


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