Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Venice, Italy - DAY FOUR

Woke up pretty early and headed out to Venice again today. This time we were going to head out from Venice via the campsite's shuttle bus. There are a few islands around Venice and we decided to go to Murano - The Venetian glass island. The water buses are GREAT! (See photo of water bus stop and water bus - the boat with the ACTV on it). We got to see Venice from the water, which was beautiful, and we got to see the locals out fishing on their boats and just sailing around. So much fun. Better than a Gondola ride we imagine (We didn't take one - it's awfully Americanized and unromantic and it costs €60 for a 20 minute ride. NO THANKS!)
Once on Murano we had a cold beer on a patio along the main canal and then we wandered around the streets, window-shopping and just enjoying the walk and the warmth. From the island we took the water bus back to Venice and continued enjoying wandering around and then headed back to the bus pick up point to head back to the campsite. We were leaving for Rome the next day!
(That photo with all of the colourful balloons is actually a photo of GLASS balloons!)


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