Sunday, August 21, 2005

Salzburg, Austria - DAY FOUR

Well, today we ventured back into the city centre to see anything that we had missed... ie The Abbey from The Sound of Music! Luke and I walked around, went into the church and then wandered the rich, rich, rich residential area around it. We also climbed up to the Fortress but were disappointed to find out that it was €8.40 just to go inside the Fortress so we just climbed back down. (What a nuisance... most Fortresses/Castles/Palaces will let you up on the grounds and into their churches for free but this one wouldn´t let you through the gates without payment... what a rip!). Afterwards we did some more wandering, stopped for a coffe and a beer and then headed back to the hostel around dinner time where we ran into Patty and Molly who had met some more Canadians and were planning a get-together for the evening. After hearing that Luke and I went to the store, grabbed a 12 pack of 0.5L cans (for €5!!!) and some chips, went back to the campsite, moved the bench from the tent and set up shop there with the others where we played a few drinking games and chatted and laughed. Shortly after that it started raining so we picked the bench up and moved it back into the tent. The 7 of us continued the fun until about 10:00pm when we moved into the kitchen/t.v. area to make dinner and have a few more drinks. Luke and I bailed at about 12:00am cause we had to get up at 8:00am to make the bus this morning. Molly and Patty came to bed about an hour after us and we all had a few laughs before we all finally fell asleep..... and that was that. All in all, Salzburg was a blast!
I forgot to mention in my previous entry that the British guy in our tent ended up being VERY creepy and disgusting... long creepy nails, weird movements under the blanket when he spoke to me.... YUCK. We told Molly and Patty about this and they swiftly invited us to move into their tent which we did while the Brit was out for dinner. He came back and ended up joining us for some drinks but we all pretty much just laughed him out of the tent after a little while. Everyone agreed that he was weird and VERY creepy. Did I mention he was creepy??


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