Friday, August 26, 2005

Venice, Italy - DAY TWO

As I mentioned in my Munich blog, we were running from Germany hoping to find better weather in Italy...... AND WE WERE BLESSED WITH SUN, SUN, SUN!!!
We woke up in the morning happy to see that it wasn't raining. That was enough for us! Off to the ferry stop we went. (Our campground was on the mainland therefore we had to take a ferry to the island). The ride was about 20 minutes long and was beautiful. It was exciting to see the city appear closer and closer and prettier and prettier as we made our way over. We were blown away by EVERYTHING we saw. We had NO real idea of what to expect except of course canals, and what we've seen in movies. It was SO MUCH MORE.
We jumped off the ferry, totally excited and ready to see EVERYTHING! We decided to just wander around and get lost and see what we can find rather than try to follow a map. (We were told that maps are pretty much useless in Venice and we quickly discovered that was correct! There are tons of tiny streets and bridges and canals that there is no way you can figure out EXACTLY where you are).
Lucky for us we managed to find San Marco Piazza where we found ourselves ankle deep in water! Apparently the Piazza floods at times and we happened to arrive at one of those times! We kicked our shoes off, rolled up the pants and splashed our way through the Piazza while we had a look at the BEAUTIFUL architecture. Once we passed through the Piazza we found ourselves at the edge of the island where there were tons of gondolas bobbing around as the waves rolled up over the edge of the island and onto the footpath. (See photo of Luke and I). It was GREAT! Just around that time the sun started shining and the weather got hot and beautiful. It was FANTASTIC. From there we walked along the edge and made our way down to the park and through the residential area of Venice. There we saw this HUGE fountain/statue that had turtles and fish in it! (See photo). At this point it was getting a little late so we headed back into the main section of Venice where we sat at an outdoor table and enjoyed a REAL Italian pizza!
At this point it was time to head back (about 8:30pm). The pizza had turned my stomach and we figured we had four more days to see the city so we hopped on the ferry. Once we got back to the campsite Luke and I headed to the bar (Originally I wasn't going to join him but I ended up having a spritzer-thingy) and then Luke and I hit the sack for a nap. Once I woke up I felt like a million bucks again so Luke and I headed back to the bar to meet up with everyone (After stopping at the Polish dancers' cabin to help them open some wine) and have a few drinks. Ended up having some wine and then headed over to the club for a couple of beers. Luke and I chatted with everyone for a while but called it a night at about 12:30am or so as we had to be out of the campsite by 10:00am and on our way to the next site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you guys found the nice weather you were looking for! Isn't traveling so much more enjoyable when you dont have to worry about throwing on head-2-toe rain gear.... ;)

Well, even though i wasn't a huge fan of Venice (might have something to do with the fact that I have been single for 4 years ) but yes.....I have to admit it certainly has more to offer than the stinky ass canals.

Where you guys heading next??? Florence is along the way to Rome.....I strongly suggest you guys stop there for a few days its even nicer than Venice! Penciones are relatively cheap....and the architecture of the city itself will blow your freakin mind...

Anyways....all's well back home.....I start school in 3 days. Real excited about that..... ;( But now that I have my own PC at home I'll be in touch a little more often!

Take care u 2....miss u both

Love BiRd ;)

10:09 AM  

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