Friday, August 26, 2005

Venice, Italy - DAY ONE

After getting on the bus in Munich at 8:00am and arriving at our hostel at 8:00pm we unpacked our stuff and got settled in VENICE! (We were camping again, which we love to do as there's something really fun about camping, don't you all agree?)
When we arrived at reception we were amused to find the guy working was Polish. Then we unpacked our stuff and headed to the restaurant for pizza and we were amused a second time when we found the pizza-maker guy was Polish. After our pizza we got a beer at the bar and were amused a third time to find the bartender was Polish. We each ordered a beer and were amused a fourth time to find the guy standing at the bar next to us was Polish, and ON and ON. There were about 20 employees at the campground that were Polish! Lucky for us two of the bartenders were Polish, and if you know the Polish you know they love other Polish people. We were given free drinks for the night. (Apparently if you marry one you get the same perks!).
Throughout the night the group became bigger and BIGGER. There were some Polish-Canadians like Luke that are in a Polish dance troupe called Polonze (Apparently everyone in Luke's family will know this troupe) as well as many other staff members and random people at the campsite. (See photo of everyone). Luke met a few people on his way to the bathroom that were eating spiked watermelon but had made too many so he had them bring one over to us. (See photo). Once the pub/bar closed we all headed next door to the club/bar for more drinks..... though Luke didn't need anymore. Between the free beer and the shots I was feeling pretty good but Luke was HAMMERED! The bunch of us spent the rest of the night dancing (On the tables at times) in the club until closing when we headed to the canal to have a look. Couldn't see much and eventually got asked to leave by a sleeping camper we had woken up. Luke and I headed to bed (I thought he had DEFINITELY had enough).


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