Sunday, August 21, 2005

Salzburg, Austria - DAY ONE

We arrived in Salzburg at about noon on Wednesday. It was raining and cold and we were a little worried that we would freeze our asses off as we booked ourselves into a campsite for the next four nights. We were dropped at the Busabout hostel and from there we made our way here, to the internet cafe (Today is Sunday and we are leaving Salzburg this afternoon) where we called our Moms and Dads like the good kids we are and then we headed out to find our campsite.
Turns out it was only one bus from the internet cafe and that this one bus goes from the campsite to the Busabout hostel where we are picked up and dropped off, and straight to the city centre. BONUS!
We arrived at the campground at about 3:00pm and were pleased to find we had the tent to ourselves! We found a grocery store nearby and bought food for the next four days and a couple of beers, of course (They were only about €0.35 per beer). We went to the kitchen to make dinner and ran into a couple of metal-heads from San Fransisco that were sitting in the t.v. room next to the kitchen. Patty and Molly. They've been touring Europe going to heavy metal shows. They invited us to sit down and watch Pulp Fiction with them, so we did. We all got to talking and then headed back to the store to get more beer. We ended up staying up with them playing drinking games and watching The Sound of Music. (Funny, but true!) They were a little hardcore that first night (Patty went outside, puked, and then came back in to finish the beers - not something I would do, but whatever....). Luke and I ended up in bed at about 1:00am (Late for us cause we spent the day on a bus) where I was dripped on all night from the condensation on the ceiling of the tent. NOT FUN. VERY ANNOYING.


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Puke and keep you wouldn't do that....

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