Monday, August 15, 2005

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic - DAY ONE

We arrived in Cesky Krumlov at 1:30pm.... early enough to give us two full days here. We'd been looking forward to coming here as we had heard it is beautiful and a great place to relax.
Our hostel was nice... we had our own room, which was great cause it'd been a while since we'd had any privacy and there was a kitchen so we could cook our meals rather than spend money at restaurants. Figured that since the currency here is ridiculous (250 of their money is one Euro) we could save ourselves even more dough if we lived cheaply.
The first day we did a little wandering to get ourselves aquainted with the town. What a beautiful place it is. There is a large palace at the top of a hill (It is also kind of built into the hill as you'll see in some pictures) and the rest of the town has the lovely different coloured buildings, the river and great wooden and stone bridges. We stopped at a corner store and picked up a couple of beers for the walk. There is a river that flows around the town and has rapids and little waterfall type things so we watched the other tourists canoe and raft around. Quite amusing. Once dinner time came we found ourselves a cheap grocery store and bought dinner, the next days breakfast and a bottle of Vodka for later in the evening.
We cooked ourselves a great meal of frozen veggies and chicken breast and ate it while we sat outside and read the books we bought in Prague. After dinner we retired to the balcony where we played some cards and drank the bottle of Vodka. Very relaxing and entertaining. Luke kicked my ass every game (as usual) and then we hit the sack. Lots to do in the morning.


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