Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Vienna, Austria - DAY ONE

We arrived in Vienna and the sun was shining! 25 degrees! We haven't had a day this warm since we left Canada! GORGEOUS!
We made our way to the hostel in the warm sun, arriving after about half an hour of walking.
We walked 3 flights with our backpacks, got to the hostel door and saw a note that said reception was closed for the day and there was a number we could call. Pissed off, I headed to the phone booth the note directed me to where the phone ate my money. Even more pissed, I headed back to the hostel door. Luke banged on the door cause we could hear voices behind it. We were thinking that reception was just sitting there listening to us knock and ignoring us! After a while a woman that lives in the building approached us and used her cell phone to call the number on the door. They answered and told her that we were supposed to go to some cafe down the street to pick up our key! Nice of them to post that. The only thing on the door referring to this cafe said ’To pick up messages go to Cafe ....‘. Once we got our key we headed back up the 3 flights of stairs and let ourselves in. We were told that the woman that owns the hostel apartment is only there between 8am and 2pm. We dropped our stuff off and headed out to find a grocery store where we could buy something to cook for dinner since this hostel had a full kitchen... or so we thought. We went to the supermarket and bought chicken breasts, rice and veggies. When we got back to the hostel we discovered that there was no stove! We ended up cooking the chicken in the microwave... wasn't sure if it was a good idea but didn't want to chuck out the chicken. Ended up working out well and being pretty yummy! After dinner we headed out with a few of the other hostellers (This hostel was a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 lofts built in, one bathroom and one shower..... TWENTY FIVE people were staying there!) to go see a gig downtown. After walking for an hour and a half we finally got to the gig but it was sold out! Luke and I left the others there and walked back to the hostel. Figured if there was nothing really going on we might as well get to bed and get up early (It was about 12:30am at this point). The great thing about this hostel was that even though we were in a 10-bed room, we were put into a double bed together! We didn't have to jam ourselves into the bottom bunk like we'd been doing. (We hate sleeping separately so Luke usually climbs into my bed with me instead of sleeping on the top bunk).


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