Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rome, Italy - DAY ONE

We arrived in Rome at about 6:00pm and basically just unloaded our stuff into our (GREAT!) camper room thingy. This place is great for a couple of reasons: we have OUR OWN PLACE, we have A FRIDGE, we have OUR OWN BATHROOM and we have a couple of chairs and a table to sit at in front of the "Bungalow" as they call it. (See photo of us looking like idiots playing cards and having a few drinks... not the first night, but this is the only photo we have of us in the "Bungalow"). This means that we don't have to walk a block to the bathrooms in the middle of the night, we're not stuck in a tent like we were for a few days in Venice, and because we have a fridge we can make SALADS! and keep food fresh. There is a grocery store across the street that is open from 9-9 so everything here is REALLY convenient.
This first night we picked up some beers and watched a movie (Ocean's Twelve) outside on a big screen at the pool. We brought our beers and some cigarettes and we plunked ourselves down on lounge chairs.


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