Monday, May 22, 2006

Studio - May 19th-22nd

Friday 19th, 9am

I got up and went to work. By noon I was unemployed (still trying to figure out why I was let go... with pay and the promise of a glowing reference. I've never been let go before for doing a good job ("good job, very professional, smart and hard working" were the exact words from my boss' mouth))...hmmmm odd.
From 1pm until about 5pm I sat at the internet cafe applying for jobs on line. I figure if I can find a job by next Tuesday, June 2nd we are still in the same normal situation.

At 5:44pm I hopped on the train to Gorey and by 8:00pm I was sitting in the studio with the boys discussing what changes we should make to what songs, etc.

No major changes will be made, we just came up with extra little things to make the songs better (we hope it will make them better).

Slev finished recording his bass parts by about 9:30pm and had to head back to Dublin. Myself, Darragh, Mark and Ciaran (the producer/engineer) sat and listened to the bass and drums to make sure it was all good. It was great. Fantastic sound. Ciaran then asked us to leave so that he could start mixing the drums and bass together so it would be ready for the morning when we were going to start recording guitars. The 3 of us went to the local down the street for a pint and once Ciaran was done he met us there and then we headed off to Darragh’s house and to bed as we didn’t want to waste any time the next day.

All day Saturday and Sunday we recorded guitars. I finished my parts by Sunday noon, and then decided to head back to Dublin. I missed my wife! Darragh then finished off his guitar parts and the then he and Mark started to work on the extra keyboard/organ/piano/whatever they could lay their hands on parts.

That’s my little update. It's sounding good, VERY good. I have worked on some albums in my time, with some good producers, but this is, well, as pro as it gets. I mean this guy worked with U2. I don’t think you can get any more pro than that.

Oh ya... that picture of me holding the wha pedal - That’s the Edge's (from U2) pedal. How did I get here?

Cheers everyone!


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