Thursday, March 30, 2006

Catch up - 30th March 2006

Not much has happened since St. Patty's Day.
We've been prepping for the arrival of TY this Friday (he's now got a bed, blanket and pillow), we've been cleaning and organizing the apartment so that we don't look like slobs when he is here, we've been working our butts off, Luke's been jamming and we've been having a good time on the weekends.
This past weekend, as you can see, we went to the Polish Pub we had been hearing about. Our evening started off in a classy manner... we went for Tapas at a lovely Spanish restaurant in the Grafton Street area called Salamanca where we each had a beautiful glass of Sangria and some Seafood Tapas. Delicious. Once we had eaten Luke and I went to The Porterhouse, a great, packed bar/pub that has TONS of different types of beers and other beverages. As I walked up to the door with Luke I was told to 'Hold on'. The bouncer asked me how old I was. I said 'Twenty-seven'. He laughed and said 'Ya, right'. I laughed and said 'I'll prove it'. and he said 'Oh, you'll prove it, will you?' like he didn't believe me. I pulled out my ID, handed it to him, he had a look and said 'Holy shit. You look so young. You're lucky!'. He actually didn't even believe that I was eighteen. Can you believe it? I'm nine years over the legal age but I still get carded. Gotta love it. From there we headed to the Polish Pub where I met a very enthusiastic gentleman. He danced me around, dipped me around and twirled me around for a half dozen songs (See photo). Luke and I made friends with three polish guys who took us to another pub once we were kicked out of the Polish one (Not because we were bad, simply because it closed early, at 1:00am). The group of us continued on to a few other bars until we settled at one for a while where I got a Guinness spit on me and had to break up a fight between a Croatian gentleman at the bar that I was talking to and an Irish woman that I spoke to. It was pretty messy and unfortunately the spit that was intended for the Irish woman also got all over me! Major bummer. Luke also had a close call with an Irish guy that evening. The locals were restless it seemed. From that bar we went to a final one (a Slovakian bar) that was closing down. The bouncer wouldn't let the guys in but I managed to bat my eyelashes and get us all in. We had a few drinks, made some more friends and then called it a night. All in all it turned out to be a bit of a piss up, but it was definitely good.
Since the weekend we've been working, and working and working and Luke jammed on Monday. The music seems to be going quite well. They're putting together some really incredible songs that you'll all eventually hear.
AND... WELL, TY ARRIVES TOMORROW!!!!! We've got a great week and a half planned for while he's here. The plan is to an absolute blast! The next blog I do will have TONS of fantastic photos. I won't tell you everything that we're doing. I'll keep it a surprise instead. You can hear all about it once he's headed back home. YAY TY!!!


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