Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 6th - 7th Cork - First Show

This weekend went by pretty fast. Friday after work we hit the gym and stayed in as the Senators game was on at midnight. What a game - 13 goals. Too bad the Sens fell asleep in the last 20 seconds of the 3rd. Oh well, it's only game 1. We tried to stay up and watch the whole game but fell asleep near the end of the 2nd period and woke up just after the 3rd started. We went to bed at about 3:30am and had to get up at 10am to get ready to go to Cork as the bands 1st show was that night.

The band has been working pretty hard towards this show, as it is the biggest showcase in Ireland, so we wanted to look like we knew what we were doing. We were also the only band from Dublin so we really had to put on a good show and steal some of the crowd. We actually managed to bring about 35 people with us, which was great.

Anyway, Jess and I woke up, packed our stuff and headed to the bus station where we were met by a hung-over Sarah. The bus ride was about 4 and 1/2 hours which got us into Cork at about 4:25pm. We walked to our hostel, dropped our bags off and headed out for a pint.

We sat on a patio and had some pints and around 6pm started to head back to the hostel as I had to get ready for soundcheck... but really I just needed extra time to do my hair. On the way to the hostel I was getting hungry but not hungry enough to eat a meal and as we walked by a Russian grocery store I went in and bought a dried sausage on a rope... Yes I did say sausage on a rope! Jess thought this was SICK. Whatelse is new? But she did try it. Sarah actually enjoyed it more then I expected. It was a nice snack, walking to the hostel passing a sausage on a rope around, taking bites. Ahhh its like being in Poland.

I was meeting the lads at the venue around 7pm, soundcheck was at 7:30pm. I found my way there and as I walked the street everyone was pulling up. Good timing. Soundcheck is soundcheck. We waited, went up, told the soundman what we want to hear on stage, played 1/2 a song, then told him what to fix, then played another 1/2 song and once we were happy with it we got off the stage and put our stuff away and went for a pint.

We were on at 9:40pm (2nd band) so we sat out across the street having a pint 'til about 9pm and met everyone who came to see us in the dowstrairs part of the venue.
At 9:40 we hit the stage and did our set which by the response from the crowed went over well. So the 1st show is over and done with and it's time to move on. Its always good to get the 1st one out of the way as soon as possible. But we didn't expect the 1st one to be as important as it was.

Now it's my turn... (Jessica)....

The show was fantastic. Luke rocked the house and wowed everyone with his on-stage presence. You know how it is. He makes the show interesting to watch. All night people were coming up to me to tell me how talented they thought he was. I was proud of him! The songs sounded great, much heavier than they do on the EP so it was exciting to listen to. They were, by far, the best band that I heard that night. You guys should have seen it. It was as if he was never off the stage. You would have loved it!

We got home on Sunday at about 4:00pm. Luke and I hit the grocery store for dinner items and a walk as the sun was shining and it was beautiful out (much warmer than it was in Cork). We went home, had a yummy dinner, I did the laundry and we relaxed as we were VERY tired from the bus rides. We're definitely not doing anything of any significance this coming weekend. It's been a whirlwind lately - between Ty's visit, Easter up north, having my Dad here (YAY!) and going to Cork this past weekend, we haven't really had a chance to just veg on the weekends. It'll be nice to do NOTHING.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you doing on the other side of the stage?? I am glad everything went well, I have been passing your demo site around and I think you are starting a little following here!!! Everyone so far loves it!!! Very proud of you!!
Jess, still you miss you!! loved the pics of your Dad's vist.

9:11 PM  

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