Thursday, May 18, 2006

In The Mean Time...

May 16, 2006

Well, not much new with us, since the last blog post we got broken into, AGAIN. This time thru the back kitchen window, where they had to scale another wall and walk over barbwire - all they took was the IPOD. It sucks cause my WHOLE CD collection was on that thing,but at least my CD’s are safe back in Ottawa. This means that we welcome anyone sending burned CD's to us to help bring us back to the world of music!

So we are in the process of finding a new apartment and I think we found one. It's right downtown, 4th floor, right on the Liffey. It's pretty much across the road from Temple Bar and at the corner of O’Connell bridge. - Location, Location, Location.

And its still only about 10 minute walk from our area now, which means I can still go to the butcher and ,well, lets not kid around - PEARSE TAVERN.

So this week has been all about getting the moving out stuff sorted with the landlord. Looks like it all might go smooth and we might be in a new apartment by the end of May.

What else? Oh ya Senators blew it AGAIN! In Over Time AGAIN. Yes I take it pretty seriously. I wanted to start a riot but couldnt find any Canadians around.

This weekend Friday to Tuesday the band is working on our EP. I am looking forward to that. We have been writing more songs since the Cork show and working on a new set, just in case we get into the "Best Of" showcase on June 3rd. Things are looking good!

So thats that! Nothing too interesting, passing time till we go to Croatia!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You rock baby girl, and Luke.
I was just thinking about the last time you came to my place. I miss you soooo much.
Love you a lot.

3:33 PM  

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