Monday, April 10, 2006

Ty/North Antrim Coast Tour-Mar 31-Apr 1st

So Ty is here. (Well he is leaving tomorrow...we've been doing so much that the 12 days just flew by and now we are starting to do this blog) So here we go...
He arrived on Friday the 31st March at about 2:40pm.

I got him to take the Air Coach which stops at pub/hotel a block from my work. I got off at 4pm and sat in the pub waiting for him. As soon as the bus arrived it starting raining, and hard. It hadn’t rained here like that in a while, so he got a proper Irish welcome. Haha. As we walked home we got totally soaked! As soon as we got to the front door the rain stopped. We quickly dried off, changed and went to Pearse Tavern for his 1st pint of Guinness. Jess met us there about 30min later. Ty enjoyed his Guinness (he had 2).

At 7pm I had to head off to rehearsal, so Jess and Ty decided to go for coffee. We planned to go to bed early as we had to get up at 6am to be at the train station and get on our North Antrim Coast Tour (Including: Giants Causeway, the Carrick - A - Rede Rope Bridge, Bushmills Distillery, some old Castle and small towns along they way…all that for 99Euro per person including transportation from and to Dublin. Pretty sweet!)

Saturday April 1st.
So we got up early, took at cab to the station, got on the train, arrived in Belfast after 2hrs and 40min, got on a bus and the tour started.

It’s really hard to explain in words what we saw and what things looked like, so that’s why we took pictures. This is a beautiful country. Some of the scenery was just unreal. The Giants Causeway was pretty neat. But I personally was more impressed and taken by the costal drive and the area around the rope bridge. WOW! Oh and the Bushmills tour and the free Whiskey was great too. The 16year old Whiskey is really nice!

Hope you enjoyed the would be really hard to explain it all. Besides sitting on the train to get to Belfast and then on a mini tour bus around the coast and stopping to take pictures not much happened.

Once we got back to Dublin that Saturday night we hit Pearse for some bingo and pints and then out to our local dance bar. Nothing too crazy as we were going to drag Ty to Howth the next morning

Stay tuned for more!


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