Friday, March 10, 2006

Sunday 5th March, 2006 - Bray (South Coast)

We finally made it out to Bray. Luke had been dying to get out there to see Bray Head and the sea but we had just never gotten our shit together and gone.

We got up, ate brekkie and were on the DART at about 1pm. We arrived in Bray around 1:45 and it looked like the sun was trying to shine. Don't get me wrong, it was a lovely, fairly warm day with no rain, but it wasn't as sunny as it could have been.

We started our afternoon by walking along the beach, taking in the waves and the pier and the cute little seaside village itself. Absolutely lovely. I had been there years ago when my parents took Laura, Seamus and I to Ireland for the first time. We visited Father Anselm and he took us to the Bray boardwalk where he sang 'Danny Boy' for us. It was wonderful. This time it was just Luke and I but I still found it wonderful. We walked the length of the beach and then found a little cafe where we sat on the patio enjoying a cappuccino and a cookie in the fresh sea air.

After the cookie we found ourselves walking up to Bray Head. We started up the path and ended up walking halfway to Greystones before we realized that the path we were on didn't head UP the hill, it headed AROUND the hill. It was well worth the jaunt around the hill though as the view of the sea and the cliffs was spectacular as you see from the photos. We doubled back and found the path up the hill. Now, when I say hill, I don't mean something like that big hill at Mooney's Bay/Hog's Back. I mean a REAL hill. Not big enough to be a mountain, but not really small enough to be considered a hill. Let's call it a mounthill, shall we? So... we headed up the side of the mounthill and trudged up. And up. And up. And stop. And try to breathe. And up. And up. And sit down. And up. And up. And... well, you get the picture. We FINALLY made it up the mounthill (In reality it only took us about 20 minutes cause we booted it up the hill but it felt a heck of a lot longer than that). At the top is a massive cross. It was lovely and the view was spectacular. It's on a point of earth that sticks out into the sea (A peninsula, I suppose) so when you're at the top you can see water halfway around it. Amazing. On the way down we took the route that everyone else seemed to be coming up from. When we got to the top of the pathway down we realized that we had taken THE hardest possible route up the mounthill and that everyone else knew the easy, normal way up. We felt like morons but we felt kind of tough cause we did do it the hard way. The way down was priceless. I laughed and giggled pretty much the whole way watching Luke slide around in the mud. It was incredible. Neither of us had shoes with grip so we were hanging off of trees and weeds, sliding down the pathway in the mud, almost losing our balance and face-planting, but we didn't. It was bloody priceless. Hilarious. Even more amusing was the fact that Luke wasn't laughing at it. He was angry that he may be getting a little muddy and he was desperate not to fall as he HATES being dirty. That made me laugh even more. 'Ha ha ha ha.' I would say and 'It's not THAT funny!' Luke would yell. Then 'Ha ha hardy har har (right from the belly)' I would laugh. 'Argghhh!' Luke would shout. Priceless. Bloody priceless.
By the time we got to the bottom my side was splitting I was laughing so hard. And what happened next? On the last step out off of the pathway Luke almost took a nose-dive. I could have DIED laughing! Luke recovered and I contained my laughter and from there we walked to a local pub for a pint on the patio. It was lovely until it started to rain so we moved inside. After the pint we made our way to the DART station and headed home to make dinner and do laundry. All in all, a good, clean fun kind of a day. Enjoy the photos!


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HEY! Did you guys survive St.Patty's Day? I thought we'd have some pics of it by now...(not to be demanding)

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