Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Prague, Czech Republic - DAY TWO

We woke up a little late this morning and missed breakfast so we showered and headed straight to the city centre for something to eat and some exploring. The day seemed pretty nice as we made our way in but as soon as we got to our destination it started raining! We found a spot that had a solarium and got ourselves a sandwich and coke while we waited for the rain to let up. From there we went to Prague Castle and walked around the gardens for a couple of hours, explored the side streets for a while, stopped for yummy fruit ice cream and then went to a beautiful patio along the river where we shared a bottle of wine and watched the boats go by. We had agreed to meet the people we were with the night before at 8:00pm to go out and do some partying. Now, I know you guys think that Luke and I are partying but weve actually been very low-key compared to most backpackers. The plan was to go The Biggest Club In Europe and try some Absynth. Well, the club was great - tons of people from the hostel met us there, but the Absynth was not so great. I did the entire shot - no sugar or anything - which was about 2 ounces and Luke did about half. I thought I would die. The sickest shit I have ever had in my life. I have NO idea why anyone would drink it more than once! Well, one of the guys we were with did more than one shot and ended up puking on the floor in the club about 20 minutes after we arrived and his poor girlfriend had to take him back to the hostel. It was not her day as on the way to the club someone tried to pickpocket her. The other girl we were with noticed and the guy first pretended that he was bending down to tie his shoe and then decided to pretend he was having a heart attack, while his buddy pretended to help him by fanning him with some paper. After a minute he got up and walked away. We all yelled a bit and the guys wanted to start something but us girls got them under control and it all ended ok. Nothing was missing so no real harm was done. Anyway, back to the club..... we basically just danced all night. Luke got pretty crazy and ended up dancing alone - similar to teh way he was dancing at the wedding. The ladies loved it. Tons of fun! A really great group of people. At about 2:00am we all headed back to the hostel in cabs - our drivers went about 200 km per hour, it was nuts! We all made it back safe and sound.

Dad - Luke and I saw the Russian hockey team - cant remember their name right now, but NOT the Red Army - the other one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blue army team ? Why not eh! I left this comment this morning and for some reason it did not register?? Love Mom xo

7:09 PM  
Blogger Jess & Luke's Trip said...

Actually it's Moscow Dynamo.... Luke just reminded me.

Love you tons!

11:16 AM  

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