Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Prague, Czech Republic - DAY ONE

Well, we arrived in Prague at 5:00pm on Saturday. When we got to the hostel we were told that we were in separate rooms. We tried to convince them to put us in the same room but they wouldnt. My room had a lovely Australian couple that I hit it off with and Luke was stuck with three rowdy guys..... There was a bottle of Absynth on the table in the middle of the room.... we knew right away it would be no good. Our hostel was a bus and metro ride from the city centre so we booked ourselves on a walking tour along with some of the other hostellers. The tour started from the hostel so we figured that even if the tour sucked we would at least know how to get to and from the centre. Boy did the tour suck. The guy that took us out was British and for some reason continuously insulted Prague and its people. We were not impressed. However, Prague is THE most beautiful city Ive ever seen. I loved it. My favourite city so far. At the end of the tour he brought us to a very cheap restaurant where we had a cheap, yummy meal and some beers. The people we sat with were great, and also on Busabout and the Australian couple from my room joined us after they finished eating so, when everyone else left we continued to chat and decided that we would all go out somewhere else for a few beers before retiring to the hostel for the night. We found a patio on the main strip but the German waiter was rude so we all decided to leave and hit the bar at the hotel next to our hostel. We stopped there for a few more drinks and then all went to bed.


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We are really enjoying your posts -Jess, I can hear your voice as I read your words - and I especially love all the photos. It is so amazing that we can share some of your experiences with you through this website. We love you both very much, and will continue to follow your adventures with interest! Hugs and kisses from home. Kelli and Adam xoxoxo

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