Friday, August 05, 2005

Berlin, Germany - DAY ONE

We arrived in Berlin at about 4pm on Wednesday after a 10 hour busride from Amsterdam. The ride went well but it was pretty difficult getting up at 6:00am to make the 8:00am bus after going to bed at about 2:00am. Fortunately we had a friendly wake-up call from Janina (She was working overnight) to say good-bye. Tarja and Orpheu got up and made us breakfast, those lovely people.
The drive into the city of Berlin was interesting. The city looks much different than any we've seen so far as it has many modern buildings.
Our first night, Luke and I had dinner here at the hostel - which, I might add, is spectacular. We ARE sharing a room with 6 other people and we ARE sleeping in bunkbeds again, but the room is HUGE and the beds are clean, clean, clean. There is mandatory rental AND USE of sheets and pillowcases which ensures that we will not be acquiring bugs from other travellers. It is the first hostel bed I've slept in that doesn't make me itchy! Anyway, we dropped our things off (There are no lockers so we're all just trusting eachother not to steal anything.... and then we ate a cheap (€3.50) HUGE Greek salad for dinner then headed out and wandered around. We saw many lovely buildings but didn't want to wander too far as we planned to explore the next day. On our journey about we found a billiards hall where we played pool for an hour and enjoyed cheap €4 cocktails. From there we headed back to the hostel to enlist our fellow Canadians for a night out but they were leaving for Prague the next morning at 8:00am so they declined. (See photo). That didn't stop Luke and I - we headed out and had one more beer at a nice outside patio where we were entertained by a young Romanian magician. (See photo of floating €20 bill). We liked him so much we invited him to join us for a drink and he showed us many more magic tricks. From there we headed to grab a Donär and then went back to the hostel to hit the sack (About 1:00am, which was early apparently cause the guys staying in our room came in at sunrise!).


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