Friday, August 05, 2005

Berlin, Germany - DAY TWO

I woke up at about 9:00am, showered and headed down to the bar/restaurant in the reception area for coffee while Luke slept until about 10:30am. Once he dragged his lazy ass out of bed we ate breakfast (EGGS & SAUSAGE & TOAST!!!!) and then headed out to explore the city. We left at about noon and got back at around 5:00pm. It was a nice, long walk and we saw many nice things. We wandered through the central market (Here on the East side of Berlin), went into a church (The oldest in the city) where, instead of lighting a candle you buy a piece of glass and add it to a mosaic that is being put together (See photo) which was quite cool. We also walked down by the river and found a beach bar type thing (See photo). We basically just walked around and took things in. Afterwards we headed back to the hostel for dinner - well, I had dinner (Salmon filet, potatoes and spinach for €5, which is really friggin' cheap). (Luke had gotten hungry earlier and bought some disgusting chicken sandwich thing which he ended up throwing out - he was hung over from the previous night, and tired from the long bus ride on Wednesday - and then wasted €3 more on a kebab which settled his stomach). We decided to do a bike tour the following day so we stayed in the hostel bar where I had a beer and we played cards until about 9:00pm. From there we headed to our room, sorted out our money, made some changes to the trip and then hit the sack at about 11:30pm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us along on this amazing adventure. I am having a great time reading this. I am going to try to log on at home so the kids and your favorite uncle Bryan can read this too.
Lots of Love ,
Aunt Denise

9:36 AM  

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