Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands) - DAY ONE

Ok, so we left Brugge at 1:00pm (with no problems, thank God) and arrived in Amsterdam at 5:45pm where Tarja and Orpheu met us and took us back to their flat. Shortly after we arrived Janina and Elise (Tarja's sister and mother) came to the flat to meet us for dinner and drinks. Tarja cooks mean vegetarian dishes (Which I really appreciate cause all we've been eating is bread and crappy meat and cheese.... she cooked veggie for us the last time we were here which I think kept me alive). Anyway.... from there, after a few (many) drinks, we headed to their "Cheers" bar for a few more and a change of scenery. (On the way Orpheu pointed out some bar hosting a fancy fashion week party that we would not be entitled to join - he and Tarja consider it to be pretty ugly and a little tacky). The bar we went to was quite nice - a large room with a big open fireplace thingy where we had a few more beers (And Janina and I had our first "sisterly" fight - see attached photo) until we were kicked out at closing time. On our way home we passed the fashion week party and decided to pop our heads into the back/loading dock hallway to see how the "fashionable" people party. Well, we were greeted by some tiny guy that shooed us out rudely and then immediately turned his back on us (Bad move) so Orpheu grabbed a few beers and I followed suit (I took one - I've never been a stealer). We walked out the door and noticed that Luke had a large green box in his hand - He had taken TWENTY FOUR beers! (We showed them, didn't we - Who's fashionable now???!). We got a large kick out of ourselves and took some photos (See attached). From there we headed home and celebrated by drinking a few of the "fashionable" Heineken before hitting the sack.

PS - Orpheu had a small red dot on his face.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... How I drank myself though Europe. If you keep this up you may not have any money left for food!

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