Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Ok, so it was Jessicas birthday yesterday...she still looks pretty damn good for 27. HAHA...

Anyway, I planned to make a lobster dinner for her and decorate the flat and get a cake. In order to get all that done I shopped for decorations the week before, its pretty handy working downtown, and then on the actual day I took 1/2 day off from work.
I got on the Dart at 12:15pm for about 30min to Howth to go get fresh lobsters. I had a choice of Irish or Canadian Lobsters. I figured well I've had Canadian lobsters in Canada why not try the Irish. But the Irish were for some reason missing a claw (good ol fighting Irish lobsters) and we know the best meat is in the claw. So I opted for the Canadian ones.
The fish shop is great. Whatever you can eat out of the sea they have it...and its usually from the mornings catch. The boats pull up to the pier and just bring in the fish to the front door of the store.
I got served by a Polish girl (We are everywhere, the Polish. I feel sometimes like I am in Poland and the Irish are the immigrants)...where was I?...oh ya, as she was grabbing the lobsters out they just started to bite her hands, they were pretty fiesty lobsters, I've never seen them that fiesty. As she picked up each lobster to show me (so I could pick the ones I liked) she got bit. So it kind of sounded like this:
Me "Can I see that one?"
Her (reaching in, pulling lobster out) "Ouch, ouch"
Me "Nah, don't like it, can I see another one?"
Her (reaching in, pulling lobster out) "Ouch, ouch, ouch!"
I could have done that for a while longer but I didn't. I picked the best 2 and paid.
Then my next move was to go to Sutton (one station from Howth) to meet Sarah and get a cheesecake from her store (She is a buyer for Superquinn in the bakery dept. So she gets to try all these cakes).
I missed the Dart to Sutton, so I waited 15min to go for a 5min ride and get off again. I finally made it to Superquinn and debated which cake to get. Eventually I got Irish Cream Liquer. Then I picked up some flowers, beer, wine, salad, candles, tape and string.

I finally made it home by 3:00ish or so. I was starving and had to eat something but also I had to clean the kitchen to be able to use the sink for the lobsters. I did all the dishes then cooked myself some rashers with eggs and black pudding (Also known as black sausage and for the Polish people out there "Kaszanka", which I got into lately...its GOOD. And best part is Jess dosen't like it so more for me).

Ok, so I ate, and cleaned those dishes up, threw the lobsters in the sink, and started on the decorations!
I was pretty much done the decorations at about 4:15pm and decided to get the salad ready and make home made croutons. Everything was ready and good to go by 4:30pm, so I sat on the couch and had a Guinness and waited for Jess to get home...

Jess you can take it from here!

I had been wondering what we were going to do for my birthday because originally I had told Luke that I just wanted to stay in and have spring rolls (The usual Jessica Faulkner birthday dinner!) but Luke had told me last week that he thought I meant that we were having spring rolls on Saturday night, blah, blah, blah. Now I know he was just trying to drive me crazy and into thinking nothing was going on. So..... I was told to just come home after work and that we would go from there.

I headed home on the DART, after leaving work a little later than usual. I got a text from Luke (The now sneaky little bugger) with a message saying he was running late at work and that he would be home as soon as he could. (Oh, he had also covered his *ss by emailing me in the morning to tell me that he had meetings pretty much all day therefore he wouldn't be emailing me in the afternoon). As I said, I got on the DART, got the message and thought, 'Bummer'. I had no idea what he was up to. Got off the DART at about 6pm and walked home. When I got there the door to our flat was locked so I figured Luke wasn't home yet. I walked into the hall, opened the livingroom door and walked into the livingroom. It was REALLY dark in there but all of a sudden I saw *FLASH*! Luke had taken a picture of my dumbstruck face. I couldn't see anything so I turned on the light, saw Luke on the couch and saw balloons and streamers and posters and banners all wishing me a happy birthday.
I continued to look around and saw a beautiful bouquet of tulips, a good bottle of wine and a card. I hugged and kissed Luke, of course and then was ushered toward the sink where I saw the lobsters. 'How the hell did he pull this off?' I thought to myself..... And as you know, he had taken half a day off. How wonderul. The wine was great. Better than the one I usually buy myself. The lobster was to die for - melt in your mouth (Though we didn't have any lobster crackers so we had to use my teeth!). The salad with the HOME MADE croutons was lovely (I brought the leftovers to work for lunch today). The candles were lit. We put some music on, had a drink, I watched him cook dinner and I just enjoyed myself. It truly was lovely but not all that surprising when I think about it as that's just what Luke is like. He's the sweetest husband a girl could have.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you had a great birthday Jessie.
Love Emily

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog - you guys are so funny, when I am reading it makes me feel as though I am right there with you. Luke - the whole Lobster scenario was hilarious. I especially love seeing the pictures...and the ubiquitous purple scarf...
Hope you guys are having a great week.
Miss you A LOT.(Like, more than you know)

8:58 AM  

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