Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend in Brussels, Belgium - Last day

The last day...... boo... :(
We woke up at about 9am and headed out to the same place for brekkie where we had the same thing we had the day before because it was SO GOOD. We ate, had a cappuccino and a beer and then we were off to enjoy our last day (which was SUNNY!). We walked down a few side streets we hadn't been down and we sat down in the sun on a street outside a cathedral where we sipped a can/bottle of beer and got a little tanning in. After we decided it was too hot to just sit we walked around the city, enjoying the sight, sounds and smells until we ended up at the main square where we sipped cold sangria and watched everyone taking photos and oohing and aahing over the beauty of the buildings. As we sipped we talked about never going back to Dublin and just staying there where we didn't have to work and where it was sunny. Back to reality and we realized that we only had about 2 hours before we had to leave to catch the bus so we found a little patio where we had a pizza (the real, thin-crust Italian kind) and then we rushed to get our stuff from the hotel and made our way to the bus stop where the vacation ended.....
Now we're back in Dublin and back to work and back to reality and can't wait until May when my Mom and Dad get here and we're off to Poland with them. CAN'T WAIT!


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