Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jess' 28th B-Day/Trip To Edinburgh


We think they were excited to be in Edinburgh...


A pretty pub... that's about it.

The boys are back in town...

Awhile back Brent booked 4 tickets to Edinburgh so we could go away, which happened to coincide with Jess' birthday and so that we could see Tom and Sarah.

So the day came... Friday Feb 9th. We all got off work, went home, packed, etc and met up at the airport at around 8pm. Our flight was at about 920pm. After a couple of pints before the flight, and some conversation on the flight, we were landing. The flight was about 40min or so.

Surprisingly the airports were not busy at all so everything went smoothle and efficiently.

We got to our apartment that Jess rented at about 11pm or so and man what an apartment! We were not expecting anything like this!
First off, everything was brand new and state of the art! Leather couch/lazy boy... kitchen was incredible, big TV, balcony with chairs and table ... oh ya and that was just the FIRST floor. Yes a two-storey apartment. On the second floor were all the bedrooms... 4 of them, and bathrooms. I could so live like that!

So we up packed and decided to eat as we didn't have a chance to eat after work. On the way to our flat we passed by 'Burgers and Beer'... can u guess where we went to eat? Mind you, Brent was the only one that had a burger.

After that we got in touch with Sarah and took a cab to the meeting spot. Tom was working 'til about 130am and was going to meet us later on.
We chatted away with Sarah and then met Tom and went off to a late night club.
The night did end late, but everyone was in good form and it was fun hanging out again, all of us. For the next day we had plans to watch the Scotland v.s Wales Rugby match and take in some sight seeing.


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