Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend in Brussels, Belgium - Day two

We were up by about 10am because we had gone to bed early the night before. We missed the hotel breakfast but were kind-of delighted about it because that meant we could go out for breakfast. We headed to the same place in the square (on the way I saw a scarf that I HAD to have!) where I had the BEST quiche in the world (ok, so I've only ever had quiche like, twice, but that's not the point) - ham, mushroom and onion oh my and Luke had a BIG omelette - ham, cheese and somethingorother. Both of us were extremely satisfied with our brekkies. After we ate we headed out to wander the town again.
We eventually found ourselves on a modern shopping street - jackpot - where I dragged Luke into a few stores looking for a pair of wide leg jeans (they're finally back in - hallelulia!!). From there we walked up to the main street and found ourselves at the Botanical Garden, which was beautiful. Another street over we found a lovely church and then we headed back to the old city area.
We took a route back that we hadn't taken before and we came across a few things we hadn't seen the day before. We stumbled upon this great big park where there was a photography installation that was wonderful. It was pictures from around the world. Beautiful pictures (one or two of Canada! Yoo hoo!). We looked at each of the photos and tried to read the details of each one (they were in French - how I wish I had taken French through all of high school.... if only I had known that it would come in so handy, and not just to get a job in Ottawa....). After the photos we headed downhill, back toward the old city area where we came across more beautiful buildings and gardens. From there we ended up back at the bar with the 2004 beers where we continued the tasting. After a few we headed back to hotel, stopping at a store that sells, yes, folks, this is true, 250 different types of beers. What a crazy country. We grabbed a few and headed back to the hotel where we sat down for a minute and got dressed in something a little warmer (this second day was overcast and not as warm). After a few minutes we headed back out and found a little pub down an alleyway that we had come across where we had, yes, another beer. After that beer we were hungry so we had dinner - a seafood paella on a patio on a crazy busy pedestrian street. After dinner we wandered to the main square and found a small pub on a small side street. We went in and found ourselves in a gay bar. We looked at eachother and neither of us minded so we plunked ourselves at the bar and ended up getting the best treatment we'd gotten since we'd been there.
Back to the bar with the 2004 beers for a few and then we headed home, stopping to get Luke a waffle with whipped cream and strawberries - yum.


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