Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Edinburgh Day Three

Day four in Edinburgh was a bit sad because Brent had to head back to Dublin to get some work done. We all got up and Luke made brekkie and then we said our goodbye's to Brent at about 2pm when he left to catch his flight. After that, the three of us got ready to walk downtown to meet Tom and Sarah to watch Ireland v. France at a pub. We all met up and watched the game (sadly, Ireland lost). After that we were all famished so we walked to a place called Wanna Burger (we must say thank you to Tom and Sarah for suggesting this place as they had the best burgers IN THE WORLD) where we all had a huge, delicious burger. From there we did a little pub/bar hopping and then went to a bar closer to Tom and Sarah's as Sarah was going to leave early to get to bed so that she'd be ready to go to work the next morning. This bar was great as they had pitchers of 'girlie' drinks. Sharon, Sarah and I killed a few of those. We did a little dancing and lipsynching there but ended up being kicked out (for no particular reason really, they just thought we were sketchy for some reason....?) so we said our goodbyes to Sarah and made our way to a late bar that Sarah suggested. There was a small cover charge but all of the drinks were £1 since it was Sunday night. The place was bumpin' (lame, I know). We hit the dance floor and had a great time. Ended up meeting a few people along the way. Sharon, Luke and I got home quite late and quite locked.


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