Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Damien & Laura's visit to Dublin - September

Damien and Laura flew into Belfast and took the train down here to Dublin. Luke and I met at the bus stop (which, conveniently, is located about a 10 minute walk from our house and is right in front of a pub!) right after work, where we sat down to wait and have a pint. Half an hour went by... no sign of Damien and Laura. Four buses went by, still nothing. Another half hour went by and then Brent walked by so we wrangled him in to join us for a pint. Another half an hour went by. Nothing. We were starting to worry that they had gotten lost or that they had missed their bus when all of a sudden the bus pulled up and Damien and Laura walked off of it! Hugs all around! They sat down and joined us for a pint, Brent left shortly after they arrived and then the four of us got everything together and walked back to our apartment.

They were only here for a couple of days but Luke took some time off to show them around - they went out to Howth to buy some fresh seafood for dinner (prawns, fish, mussels, yum!) while I was at work (which totally sucked so I rang Luke's mobile a million times so that I was kept up to speed with all the darn fun they were having). They did some sightseeing around Dublin, some major pub-seeing and basically we all hung out together and had a great time. We went out the night before they had to fly out to Poland and we stayed out later than I think any of us have stayed out in a heck of a long time. We went to bed about 2 hours before Damien and Laura had to get up to catch their early flight. It was a rough morning all around but the night sure was fun!

They were fantastic guests. They were happy to relax and didn't need to rush around all the time. They were up for anything, they were so great. We really enjoyed having them around (and are hoping they'll come back again for a longer stay).


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