Sunday, September 10, 2006

Gorey Cula Festival

Angel Pier at Cula Festival, Gorey (August 19th)

The band was asked to play at the annual art festival in Gorey (where Darragh lives).
Jess and I were picked up by Slev on Saturday at around 3pm and made it to Gorey at about close to 5pm. It was raining like mad so we took our time.

We decide to rehearse for at least and hour so Jess walked up with us to the studio and then was met by Claire and Marry (Mark’s and Darraghs girlfriends). They I think were met by some other friends and went to eat as we spent a good hour going over the set.

We were 4th last on…we were supposed to be 3nd last on but some local band from Gorey got all upset that they would put a band from Dublin on after them…whatever. So we went up there kicked ass, it was at that time the best show and performance in to date. After we finished we watch the next band called Catch a Fire, an unbelievable Bob Marley cover band. If you closed your eyes you would bet money it was Bob Marley. After that we went to the local drinking hole and spend the rest of the night there.

Jess and I also made the local paper. haha.