Monday, July 25, 2005

Wieliczka, Poland (Salt Mines)

Saturday we went to Wieliczka (Salt Mines) where we took a 2 hour tour of the caves and underground salt carvings which are about 250 feet under the surface! It was interesting, but Łuke had to translate what the tour guide was saying cause it cost about 100 złoty more to have an English speaking tour guide. The most beautiful part of the tour was the large chapel where they actually have weddings and masses (See photo - EVERYTHING, even the chandeliers, are made from salt!). The most exciting part of the tour was the lift back up. They cram 7 people into this tiny elevator that is/was actually used by the miners. It was crazy scary, dark, and fast. Kind of like a ride at the Ex but scarier cause it's even older than some of the Carnie's and their crappy rides. Once we got back to Krakow we hit our hostel, freshened up and headed out to some fancy shmancy martini bar where we got a little tipsy as we had been drinking beer and straight Vodka for the last week. From there we went to that jazz bar/pub that we were at the night before. The owners were happy to see us as they didn't expect us to show up again just cause we promised to. The band was less than awesome - a singer (If you can even call him that) and a drummer. Łuke had passed his CD on to the owners of the bar so they knew that he could play so they pretty much BEGGED him to save the band. Łuke, the knight in shining armour that he is, ran back to the hostel, grabbed his harmonicas and proceeded to save the band! (See photo - top right). The owners, very grateful, gave him a half litre of Zywiec as a thank you. At about midnight we were ready for bed so we headed back to the hostel (After grabbing a quick Zapiekanka) and hit the sack so we would be ready to catch the bus to Zakopane.....


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