Sunday, July 24, 2005

Warsaw, continued....

We're in Krakow! We left Warsaw on Friday at 1:05pm, as I mentioned in my previous entry, but before that.....
On Thursday night (We were still in Warsaw), Łukasz and I went to his Father's parents for a big dinner and of course.... Vodka. Luke's Grandpa can drink like a fish, and he has this sweet, sad look that he gives you when he offers you a shot and you turn him down, SO..... I ended up doing about 9 shots of Vodka with him over dinner. Łukasz did a few as well but was offered some fancy Scotch Whisky so he opted to sip on that mainly.
Once dinner was over Łukasz's cousin Rafał swung by and picked us up to take us to Marcin's parents place to meet Marcin and Dagmara, where Marcin's Father fed us more booze (Only I drank Vodka shots, but this time I did them in the form of a Wild Dog (Wśćiekłe Psy in Polish), so it wasn't as harsh. For those of you that don't know what a Wild Dog is, it's Vodka, tobasco sauce and raspberry syrup), as he did the last time we were here. He's one of my favourite people to visit here. He's very funny and a little obnoxious (Just like me!). We get along great.
By that point it was about 11:00pm and everyone had to head home so that they could get up for work the next day. Łuke and I were still raring to go so we had Marcin drop us off at a bar/pub so that he and I could hang before heading back to his Grandparents. The place was nice, but much too classy and tame for us so we introduced ourselves to some English speaking Polish guys at the table next to us and ended up hitching a ride with them to a more happening place..... a Karaoke bar. (Polish people love Karaoke apparently, which is funny cause they sing alot of English songs but have no idea what the lyrics mean!). Łuke spoke to the guys in Polish while I danced with one of them (Neither of us were good dancers so I imagine we looked like idiots, but hell, it was fun). At about 2:00am we were hungry so we said good bye to the guys and headed to a Kebab place where we stuffed our faces (And I dumped half of mine on my OTHER white sweater). Neither of us can recollect exactly what happened after that, but we did get home safe and sound in a cab and we made it to the train station to catch our ride to Krakow in time!


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